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Humanity has tried to ease its own pain and diseases ever since it realized that it could ease something at all. Illness, wounds, psychological suffering have always been there, and we have tried to solve them out with all we had at hand. What we now call medicine started out as a part of our spirituality, primitive superstitions and shamanic practices that would later evolve to become more and more scientific. The capacity to relieve people from their pain, suffering, and even death itself, quickly became a source of power, and the shaman of the tribe was always close to the chief and revered as a messenger from beyond. Perhaps that perception of healers didn’t change much for a long time.

As a source of power, medicine has always interested those who looked for power. When society and civilization became more complex, money and material value appeared, and people organized themselves in a scale of hierarchy, medical practices found themselves in the middle of an ideological or economical struggle. The change of religions and the birth of capitalism shaped medical practices and established a channel for them.  Read More...

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